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Bridge Street Town Centre

Bridge Street Town Centre
Project Scope

Geotechnical engineering services included a design level subsurface investigation, including a geophysical survey and laboratory testing program.  Select borings were advanced to auger refusal and then continued below auger refusal using rock coring drilling techniques.  Foundations included shallow soil bearing and deep rock bearing systems.  Recommendations for the remediation of two large sinkholes at the south end of the project.  In addition, during the design phase, we coordinated a site specific seismic analysis to determine a seismic site classification.

Our environmental services during the project included a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on the property prior to the purchase.  Following the Assessment, we monitored the removal and remediation of an Underground Storage Tank (UST) identified in the Phase I ESA.  In addition, NPDES permitting and monitoring were performed in accordance with ADEM’s requirements.

Four full-time Construction Materials Testing (CMT) technicians were utilized to perform the CMT services for the development.  These on-site representatives were key in limiting construction delays and satisfying project requirements.  Services included fill monitors, shallow foundation reviews, downhole caisson reviews, concrete testing, structural steel reviews and review of post tension slab tendons.