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Dynetics Solutions Complex

Dynetics Solutions Complex
Project Scope

Geotechnical engineering services included a design level subsurface investigation and laboratory testing program.  The investigation included rock coring drilling techniques and laboratory testing in order to maxim ize allowable end bearing and skin friction capacity for rock bearing caissons.  Due to the number of stories and foundation loads the structure was supported on drilled, rock bearing, caissons.  Multiple caissons included rock sockets and/or grouted rock anchors to resist uplift forces.  In addition, during the design phase, we coordinated a site specific seismic analysis to determine the site seismic classification.

GEO Solutions performed an Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) before the purchase of the property to review potential environmental concerns.  GEO Solutions also provided the NPDES permitting and monitoring required by ADEM.

Construction materials testing services performed during construction included earthwork monitoring, field density testing, drilled pier inspections, shallow foundation inspections, pull out test on grout and rock anchors, monitoring of post tension slab tendons, concrete sampling, slab and column steel review, and structural steel inspections. Additional services included a ground water hydrology study and a slope stability safety design.